List of events with fixed date in Toplita


  1. Ski contest, organised by Salvamont Toplita, date: the end of January.
  2. Alpine skiing National Championship “Cupa Calimanilor”, organised by school sports club, February 2004.
  3. The reading contest – “Batalia Cartilor”, organised by municipal Library „George Sbarcea”, 10 March.
  4. Rafting contest, Toplita – Deda route, organised by “Outdoor Experience”, March – April, depending on the Mures river flow.
  5. “Heroes’ s Day”, combined with traditional “Malai Toplitean”, organized by the municipality Hall Toplita, on the day of „Inaltarea Domnului”(40 days after Easter).
  6. Tourist guidance contest, organised by Salvamont Toplita, at the end of June 2001.
  7. Toplita Municipality days and „Miron Cristea” days, organised by the Association Miron Cristea, yearly, the date of 20 July.
  8. International Contest Festival “Miorita”, organized by the city hall Toplita, the month of August.
  9. The song contest festival “Children’s Miorita”, organised by Cultural Center of Toplita and will be taken once every 2 years, in the month of August.
  10. Folklore camp “The voice of music – the way to each other”, organized by Toplita Cultural Center, the month of August.
  11. Toplita’s municipality autumn, organized by the city hall Toplita, Autumn Fair, first weekend in October.
  12. Contest of paragliding flying (area Vf. Tarnita area), organised by Salvamont Toplita and the Association “The Raven”, September.
  13. “Alesul Oilor”, organized by the city hall Toplita, November.
  14. Camping and hiking camps in Calimani Mountains, organized by Harghita county council – Salvamont and Salvaspeo, in 2010, twice a year, in the summer.
  15. Summer and winter camps, organized by Ski School H2M, Skiers Cabin, during the whole year.
  16. The ski school “Bulgarasul”, organized by the Association of validated ski monitors, three seasons, in the winter season.
  17. The Ski school “Farkas”, organized by Farkas Cabin, two seasons, in the winter season.
  18. Carols Festival “Florile Dalbe”, organised by Toplita Cultural Center, municipality Toplita hall and “O. C. Taslauanu” high school, December 19.
florile dalbe
cupa calimani
cantec pastoresc festival Miorita
ziua eroilor 1
glasul muzicii

GPS coordinates

Latitute Toplita: 46.94

LongitudeToplita: 25.37


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