Climate in Toplita


Toplita area has, due to its geographical position, a typical intra-mountain hollow climate , wet and cool. It is part of the area where the lowest temperatures in the country have been recorded. The Toplita hollow and implicitly the Giurgeu Hollow, being a component of it, is characterized by frequent and persistent thermal inversion, in nighttime and especially in the winter period.

The annual average temperature is 5.4 degrees C. In the coldest month, January, the yearly average temperature drops to -9,6 degrees C in the hollow and -4.6 degrees C in areas situated on 700- 1200 m altitude; in the hottest month, July, yearly average temperature is 11 degrees C.

The first few days with freezing temperatures are likely to appear at the end of September, and the last, it was recorded statistically at the end of April. First snow falls usually in the second decade of October, and the last in the first half of March. Continuous layer of snow is recorded in the period December – March, so that they are favorable for skiing at least four months.