Toplita area has, due to its geographical position, a typical intra-mountain hollow climate , wet and cool
As tourist attractions, in Toplita - Harghita you can see many interesting and unique attractions in Romania!
The list of tourist reception structures with accommodation functions includes: hotels, pensions and cottages
Calimani Mountains belong to the volcanic chain Harghita-Gurghiu – Calimani-Tibles – Gutai- Oas and are the youngest mountains in Romania

The National Information and Tourism Promotion Center from Toplita

The National Information and Tourism Promotion Center from Toplita, located in the central area of Toplita (in front of the cultural centre), provides through specialized personnel:

  • Information regarding tourism offers and local, national and regional tourist attractions;
  • Information on local accommodation offers;
  • Information about the opportunities of booking transport tickets, as well as regarding local tour guides, national and specialized;
  • Counseling regarding the choice of various local, regional, and national tourist products;
  • Information on the competent authorities in solving complaints registered locally, regarding the quality of the tourism services

Toplita Municipality

Beauty and relaxation, adventure and traditions! All in one hospitable place. Ideal holiday in Calimani Mountains Base. Explore natural beauty!

Calimani Mountains

Several places to visit: rest and recreation, mountain hiking, cycling tourism and extreme sports, scaling, climbing, paragliding.

Tourism Facilities

Monasteries and monuments, mountain formations, waterfall, ski paths, etc – a place where history meets the beauty of nature.

Admire the beautiful landscapes at the foot of the mountains. A place where nature shows its beauty
For those who want a unique experience, places full of stories are waiting to be discovered.
Every city has an impressive and unique story. Find out the story of Toplita Municipality!
Hiking trails
For mountain enthusiasts, the arranged routes lead to wonderful places in Calimani Mountains.
Traditions and customs
The traditions and customs of the village are kept with sanctity. You will fully enjoy them.
Skiing and other winter sports on approved trails. Adventure is guaranteed!

Toplita Municipality

Toplita municipality is a part of an area with high complexity of touristic resources, remarkable in particular through variety of natural touristic potential meanings, included in an outstandingly attractive landscape frame.

The location of the administrative territory in an hollow area, surrounded by three representative massive mountains – Calimani Mountains, Giurgeu mountains and Gurghiu mountains, offers the advantage of natural frame with special landscape features, the presence of natural resources with tourism value, but are created environmental conditions for a favorable climate and bioclimate favorable for many rest and recreation touristic activities.