Equitation in Toplita

The equitation center in Toplita is located at about 2.5 km from the municipality center, on the Murelor street. It is designed for those who want to learn equitation or those who simply want to escape from daily life. There are equitation courses, equestrian hiking, riding on the ski field sections. Trips can be organized for one or more than three persons, under close monitoring of an equestrian guide. The basis of riding facilities in Toplita is one of the most important tourist objectives in Harghita county, objective not to be missed if you're in the municipality Toplita.

Equitation prices:

Lessons on horseback:
35 Ron / 45 minutes
Riding on horseback:
35 Ron per person per 60 minutes
Group of 2 or more persons: 30 Ron per person per 60 minutes
Trips, hiking (minimum 2 hours): 30 Ron per person per 60 minutes

For more information please access www.pensiuneabaciu.com

GPS coordinates

Latitute Toplita: 46.94

LongitudeToplita: 25.37


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