“Varful Tarnita” Belvedere Altar

Built in 2013, the altar is located in the vicinity of Tarnita peak from Mures defile reservation. The construction has been made of solid wood, manually, by wood sculpture techniques in Transylvania and is expanding on a 50 square meters area, with a height of 22 m. The spectacular altar is set to be a symbol of the marking the Toplita city and at the same time a reference point of the whole area. The ways of accesses to this touristic objective are: from European highway E 576 on foot, on the marked direction, walking about  1 km , or by car, from Calimani Street.

belvedere tarnita
tarnita iarna vedere

GPS coordinates

Latitute Toplita: 46.94

LongitudeToplita: 25.37


Gas station Toplita

Carburant Price – Toplita

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